Education of Future – Technologies and Business
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Education of Future – Technologies and Business

The goal of the EdTech Track is to show to the conference participants a comprehensive view on the global ecosystem of modern education. You will be able to meet in person with the leading innovators of the education field, learn about venture investment features in EdTech, and talk to the creators of successful startups and business representatives in education.

The moderators and speakers within the EdTech program will analyze and speak about implemented cases related to new technologies application, including Big Data and analytics in education. They will also speak about innovative business models that are transforming the entire educational environment.

Track topics

Educational technologies market
Investments into EdTech
Scaling and going towards global market
Monetization and choosing a business model in EdTech
Sales strategies (B2B, B2C, B2G)
And that's not all!


  1. New technologies and practices in education
  2. Cases from world level experts