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Digital University

The “Digital University” Track is a demonstration and discussion of the best cases, tools and algorithms for the incorporation of digital technologies into higher education.

World-level experts will hold debates, lectures and seminars on three main subjects:

Online-education. How do we integrate online-education at a university scale? How do we create, promote and use digital educational platforms? There will be an opportunity to work with implemented projects within the frame of the conference in this track.
University as an open system. How does a higher education institution stay competitive while knowledge is generally accessible and personalized education is growing more valuable? What role do business and startups play in the new arrangement of the educational system? There will be a discussion of implemented cases directly from the innovators of the field.
For years ahead: BigData and Artificial Intelligence for effective prediction. What perspectives are connected with AI for each of us? How do universities use BigData and AI by now? There will be workshops and speeches from world-class leaders in this field.

Representatives of universities that apply digital technologies, vice-rectors and directors of development, heads of online-education centers and educational programs, platform developers, authors of online-courses, educational data analysts and those who care about higher education are all invited to the “Digital University” Track.

Track topics

Digital educational environment
Adaptive learning
Big Data and academic analytics
AI in university
Collaborative platforms
Project-based learning online
And that's not all!


  1. New technologies and practices in education
  2. Cases from world level experts