New technologies and analytics in corporate learning
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New technologies and analytics in corporate learning

One of the side effects of digitalization processes is an exponentially increasing amount of data. With such quantity of data, not the creation of a more complex picture of the learning process becomes the problem, but the selection of the right criteria for collecting data. This would allow to make a real difference in the learning process through the main and related processes. How do you choose the necessary criteria for data collection when it comes to education? How do you correctly direct the effectiveness of employees using Big Data? How do you simplify hiring and foresee career development?

In 2018, on the EdCruch stage, the representatives of the leading Russian and foreign companies will talk about their successful cases and try to answer the questions raised above. The leading international experts will share their vision on the future of technology in corporate learning and will inspire transformation. Automation of learning, use of analytics and integration of innovative solutions and approaches is the reality of modern education and a non-exhaustive list of topics for this track.

How do you measure the impact of training programmes on staff productivity and assess the return on investments from HR initiatives using technological developments? Why does the "status quo" for modern Education and Development Directors mean a constant search for relevant technologies for staff development, experiments with innovative solutions and piloting of new tools? How have their tools changed?

Learn how to continue evolving in a world where omnipresent cloud solutions already help employees to gain the necessary knowledge and skills at the right time and in a format that is convenient for them.

Track topics

Gamification in corporate learning
Use of Big Data in learning
Personalization in corporate learning and staff development
AI in corporate learning
Real time feedback
Technologies of knowledge management in corporate environment
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  1. New technologies and practices in education
  2. Cases from world level experts