Children and Technology
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Children and Technology

The goal of the “Children and Technology” track is to understand how to develop pre-school children in the 21st century and how technologies can help with that goal.

First day focus: technologies which can be accessed in the family in every house - various apps and toys. Speakers will share information on how successful products and services are created and how they work with education methodology developers and startup owners who already work in the market of pre-school education services or are just entering it.

Second day focus: the future of traditional children organizations: pre-schools, kindergartens, hobby groups and parks. Speakers and participants will be able to discuss which forms of personal development are relevant in the 21st century, how technologies can facilitate management of a children’s organization, how the role of a modern teacher looks like and how ‘real’ and ‘digital’ environments contribute to education.

Invaluable workshops of the “Children and Technology” track will be interesting for heads of children’s organizations and educators, especially for those who passionately care about the future of modern pre-school education.

Track topics

Skills of the 21 century
Online and offline balance
Children’s organizations management
Space as a teacher
Digital culture
Safe technologies
And that's not all!


  1. New technologies and practices in education
  2. Cases from world level experts