EdCrunch Award
EdCrunch Award OOC is an opportunity to share best practices in electronic education and distance educational technologies.

About project

EdCrunch Award OOC is an international competition Open Online Courses. Federal and non-federal educational institutions, companies, freelancers, instructors from Russia and other countries can submit applications. The goals of the competition are to increase the quality of education, support creative instructors and disseminate best practices.

online courses
participants from Russia and the CIS countries

The competition covers three levels of the educational system: secondary, higher and supplementary.

Each level includes the following disciplines:

  • social sciences and liberal arts;
  • physics and mathematics, natural sciences and industrial technologies;
  • non-formal and informal education in any area of knowledge.

More questions? Write: award@edcrunch.ru

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  1. Best practice in creating open online courses
  2. Best practice in introducing online courses into an educational program
  3. Best online course as rated by consumers
  4. Best online course as rated by experts
  5. Best educational online course for secondary school students
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