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The National Research Technological University MISiS is a Russian national research university. It is a technological university and a participant in the project for increasing the competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the top international science and education centers - the 5-100 project. It is the leading Russian university in the area of materials engineering and technology. The Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys is among the top 5 universities in Russia by volume of research and development.

НТИ 2035

The NTI 20.35 University is the first Russian university catering to human professional development in the digital economy. It will be targeted towards preparing leaders of the companies participating in the National Technology Initiative (NTI) and specialists for new global markets. The NTI 20.35 University will feature a new study format in which educational modules consisting of the best courses from top schools will be provided for students on an individual basis. The new format will make it possible to bring together on a single platform the best developments of institutions, universities, the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, corporate academies, industries and even individual experts.

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